Hi-res[olutions] for the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Boy what a year it was for our global community and on a smaller scale, for me! I experienced many ups and downs this year, coupled with a handful of new challenges, reasons to live and a network of family and friends that I am way too lucky to have. 

For this post, I thought to share my favorite image from each month and pair it with some tidbits of Sam's brain. These resolutions, or reminders (as I like to think of them) are thoughts directly associated with the image, but are also a little ambiguous and speak more to the thought process and my personal connection in making the image. 

I want to thank everyone that has dropped in, even for a hot second, and checked out this experimental blog of mine. Your support and encouragement are a great part of the driving force and motivation behind my work and truly, have made this year incredibly unique! Now, let's make 2017 one hell of a year! 



Explore the unexplored. The beauty is in the imperfections.

Let the silly moments happen. Life doesn't have to be so serious all the time.

Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Embrace differences and try to be more open to change. Spend less time judging, and so much more time accepting. 

Make more time for the ones you love.

Seek new perspectives. 

Take more time to get lost in Nature and let it take your breath away.

Commit to a healthier lifestyle. It will cause all-around improvements in your life. 

Live in the moment. Be present and do not take that gift for granted. 

Patience is key. Life moves in processes. Be ready to accept that and move with its flow. 

Be more confident. The only thing holding you back is yourself.


Push your limits. Try something new and do not be afraid to fail. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.