Traveling - What about it?

It all started with this: So where are you off to now? While in spirit I always considered myself somewhat of a nomad, constantly seeking a new tale, my life seemed to be taking a new turn and what was once a total fantasy was quickly becoming reality. 

Around this time last year, I was hopping on a plane to Costa Rica to work as a Photographer Guide for Rustic Pathways, an incredible company that leads meaningful travel and service-based programs for high school students. I had no idea this one gig would infect my spirit with such force. The world was so big and so beautiful, and I finally had an outlet - an opportunity to travel, document, and build lasting relationships.

I've avoided a blog for some time, predominantly out of some ridiculous standard for what my writings should look like. I wouldn't call myself a "control freak" per se, but it is fair to say I care deeply about everything I do and all the work I put out into the universe. SOOOOO if that makes me a little crazy every once and a while, can you blame me?

Photo by Richard Swanson

Photo by Richard Swanson

As I write this post, I am on a night train en route to Chiang Mai, Thailand and I cannot even begin to describe the uniqueness of the moment I am experiencing right now. Everything is written and spoken in Thai. The attendant asks me what I assume is something about dinner, but instead I make some dumb joke about finding the restaurant cart on my own. A stern man rushes me off my bed as he tries to fix my sheets and I excitedly spout off a "thank you sir!" in my broken Thai. Lost in translation and it is perfectly fine - it's all part of the process. I absolutely sound like a broken record when I say this, but golly life is too damn short and there is too damn much to do and see. My attempt is not to overload myself with experiences, but rather to find true meaning and value in everything I do. 

Maybe that is the theme after all, and just as life does, the process will take shape organically. I have no way of knowing where I will be in the next few months, and likewise the course this blog will take. I hope readers will visit with an open mind and little to no expectations, for it is all one big experiment; a canvas if you will, for potentially scattered thoughts, but hopefully more beautiful stories and moments. 

So hop on for the ride (!!!!) and I deeply encourage you readers to provide an active voice and critical mind during the process, but always, let's remember to spread positive and constructive thoughts and vibezz, for they are more powerful than anything else! <3