Disconnecting to Connect

I was on the beach, at Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, and a storm was blowing in. The sky was fierce, all in arms, and the sea breeze proudly and boldly blew through my hair and graced my rosy cheeks. It was chilly and gave me goosebumps.

I looked around me and all I saw was nature; pure and simple, beautiful nature. It was everything. And in that moment, I remember feeling so connected with the Earth, maybe more so than I had ever been. The sand, so soft, yet rough in between my playful, wiggling toes. Waves crashing, the roar of the powerful sea, singing their rhythmic rhymes and battle songs. I could taste the salty air as it danced around my lips and left scents of briny kisses and damp earth.

While others may have easily overlooked such a scene, for me this embodied my entire Costa Rican experience. Human and Natural co-existing on one plane. 


When was the last time you went somewhere without your cellphone/tablet/iPod/random electronic device?

  • Do you remember what that felt like?
  • Did you feel uncomfortable or alone?
  • Maybe you feared you were missing out on some hypothetical amazing event?

If you're reading this post then you surely must understand what I am referring to, assuming you're reading on an aforementioned device. 


The idea of disconnecting from our devices has become somewhat of a foreign concept for many of us, especially when our cellphones have the power to be everything from a messaging device to even a therapeutic pimple-popper! (Hey, there's an app for that!) We are living in a time where we can instantly be connected to someone thousands of miles, seas, continents away and while that is freaking incredible, I do wonder how conducive to actual/physical relationships this technology truly is. 

"Be where you are"

We have such a fear of disconnecting with our virtual world that we never give ourselves the luxury of connecting with our physical and natural world. In Costa Rica my phone did not work - a blessing in disguise. So I went out to the forest and allowed nature to love me. I walked in silence and observed the complex and almost perfect patterns in the leaves. My skin felt soft and warm as the sunlight peeked through the canopy, as if shyly asking to greet me. This is what being where you are means to me; it means to be present and tuned into your surroundings.

I hate to sound preachy here because that's not my intention at all. Technology is incredibly valuable, says the photographer typing on her laptop! All I want is to challenge you, kind readers, to practice mindfulness and sure, go outside and play in nature every once in a while! Put your phone down for a moment and relish in the simple things; listen to rhythmic crashing of the waves, carefully watch as the trees sway and dance with the afternoon breeze, take off your shoes and feel the soft earth beneath you. I promise you, it can be so electric to feel like part of the earth - to co-exist with it so harmoniously. 

The surf crew and me as their honorary surf babe for the week ^_^

The surf crew and me as their honorary surf babe for the week ^_^

The images I would like to share with you were taken during my recent visit to Costa Rica. I chose to focus on personal connection with my natural surroundings as well as a glimpse into how others connect with the physical world around them. Enjoy!